yesterday 1 pm - fren came in with chatime~ she bought for me, afterward only check she leave a msg to me about the favor but I din notice & due to line problem so I din reply her~sry ya & Thanks ^^
Had lunch with her & kepoh about some topic...
Back to continue with my cha time. About 4pm only finish the cha time.
5pm, another frenz a.k.a client came in with cha time again.
O_O! once stomach full with tea n pearl LOL. doesn't have to buy dinner alrdy...
went home & came out get my sunglasses ^^
very special bag with jeans cotton & extra non degree's lenses...
although its a bit expensive but worth it because it can be used for pretty long time.

Going to complete soon!~

been in holiday mood for this coming weekend...
Penang trip...
on going progress...
Finish another book & continue the next one~
While setting some small extra goal for sketches...
Waiting frenz to pass over the illustration board for illustration again. ^^

While the ES Branding test is still on going...Business card preview.

Letterhead preview.

Calendar preview. (for fun & waiting for further artwork from frenz)


Aren't you think time pass by kinda quickly?
You din even have enough time to finish all the thing you plan within that day because human needs sleep which consume at least 6-8 hours.
Deduct from 24 hours, we only have 10++ hours...
Full time job, at least 6-8 hours again...
Part time & freelance...
Role play between Illustrator / Graphic Designer...
Extra position / title...
Extra practice / improvement...
I need more time T_T~
I decided not to bring back work from full time, so that I may have time to carried on with the rest of work.
On the other hand because I didn't get paid so I will not do it for FOC.
Still...I met a lot client asking the same question very often : " what courses you learn to get into this industrial?"
Hmm...well, I am a illustrator but employed as graphic designer haha.
By then they would ask : " what's the different? "
I am sure many people do not know the differences.
Self employed - Illustrator / Graphic Designer (Both is easy because both were independent)
Employed - Graphic Designer ( Easy but need to take good care of EQ )
Employed - Illustrator ( harder to employed either you had handy cert or through recommendation)
(Both were challenging, time & energy consumed, need to update the info of commercial, required highly patience & concentration, as well as self / practical improvement)

As a illustration, I produce artwork base on self interest & stylist.
As a graphic designer, I produce artwork base on commercial / client / market requirement.

Artwork that created by illustration could be kept as collection or post / sale on their wall / web page.
(But basically this wont work/ get basic income due most citizen of malaysia does not respect art. You have to target to become famous / work even harder to certain achievement especially to let "someone" admire your artwork & hire you into certain project. The other option is becoming a lecturer / teacher.
Fren mentioned that IF my carrier as a art teacher, student may faint becaz my detailing & interest kinda...
Well, you know!~ XD

There's few junior request some advice of taking courses.
I just told them as a Designer...Artist is not an easy task...

For practicing, doing branding design base on ES group to illustration

New idea...

Still considering with the plan we are going to proceed...
But as for them, they just had to paid for the item fee's
While I gonna spend my time & spiritual to do the design job & no payment at all.
Haiz... For the seek of our group & certain purpose, No choice though T_T!~
Here comes another new & interesting idea...
But I'll have to charge for this since I need to paid for printing as well so pls do understand me!~
I knew it would be very costly if any member of group want to have it from me.
So I would like to request payment from them otherwise I am not gonna gift any of it...
It gonna be around RM 30+ to RM 50 per set just for output.
I am not afford to pay for ya all especially there's at least 10 person who would love to have it.
If I sale this out there...I may earn a lot =.="
What if I request for the designing fees? Ofcoz I wont, its totally free...
I never get any designing fees from group...
So pls do appreciate my work!
Whose going to pay my design fee's?
Whose going to pay me extra for further my hard work?
Not much people knows...
My brain was keep processes...even though during slept ><"
Oawwwww!~ Its tiring man!! been hard to pause my head off lately...
There's 3 more type to go & prepared to check up + arrangement!! Go Go Go!!~
Unbelievable I've done so far tonite =.-"


Since she said she's coming to pick up her printing stuff...
Rush some of her stuff out within an hour...
Ah hah!! Not bad hah!~ Gonna amend more once she show her head especially spellings.

Her: Dun do so pretty....I was so tension & pressure...
Me: Hah!~Huh? Beautify is my job, but then why you request me to do it for? for fun? -.-"
Her: hahahaha! No la~~Just that, I wasn't able to pay off for what you've done so far...
Me: Haiyo!~I'll charge you normally next time, so no worries this time, otherwise you'll waste up my effort!~


Recently I experiences a management matters,
Worst & ever right at this moment...(there will be even worst in my life & I sure knew that~)

So there's a question came into my mind.

"You overcome the problems?" or "Problems overcome you?"

Now the problem overcomes us...
Nobody even notices n remind them...
So they just keep waiting for confirmation...
Right I heard they din even book for any resorts yet.
Yet I knew it was TOO LATE.
But we are still trying out best to overcome it.

Think of what's the priority.
Always think of yourself 1st.
Yes it might hurt the rest invisibly but think of it deeply, they are actually the murderer / intruder sometimes.
Looked for a better solution to come across.
Stop any nonsense, excuses & even argument.
Speak if you had any objection & better idea.
We all had same responsibly.
No matter you are going to said "busy" or "not busy" / "he's the person in charge"...
I will not accepted your excuses IF you are not trying to help...

Never repeat the same mistake again.
Teamwork & Management~
I will not allow this happen to my schedule & plan again!
I am yet a melancholy as well as realistic.
But...I am optimistic~
So I would treat this as a good lesson...

天后 歌詞

天后 歌詞

作詞:彭學斌 作曲:彭學斌

寂寞漸濃 沉默留在舞池角落
誰任由誰放縱 誰會先讓出自由
雙腳懸空 在你冷酷熱情間遊走
我嫉妒你的愛 氣勢如虹
你要的不是我 而是一種虛榮
若愛只剩誘惑 只剩彼此忍受

推開蒼白的手 推開蒼白的廝守
別再叫我 心軟是最致命的脆弱
我嫉妒你的愛 氣勢如虹
你要的不是我 而是一種虛榮
若愛只剩誘惑 只剩彼此忍受

直到那個時候 你在我的心中
將不再被歌頌 把你當作天后

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