Short Update

Stop being here for a while...

recent house need to reno / fix a lot broken stuff...
uhh feeling so poor, somemore GST...
become totally a 宅女 these few months.

Inspire to beauty & Good looking~

Eh wait, I really dun touch any beauty product like before, but then now i do...

reason? inspired by an idol who I really admire recently, he really looks so naturally beautiful especially if cos-play in female chr & look really smart while stay in male look.

Who is it? if you're his fans sure u know who issit...

BTW he love's cat too
And he is very honest & straight  person talking to anybody although it might hurt without notice~

Well, me too = =

What I've started to Learn then?
- Hair Moisturizer, Moose, Hair Dryer , Diffuser, HairStyling
- Face Moisturizer, Face Wash, Sleeping Mask , Face Mask, Eye Whitening, Eye Concealer, Lip Balm Moisturizer

and so forth... that's quite a lot thing to learn and i just step in any face shop surfing for quite a long time cause i'm not sure what is this what is that and what it used for...
haha XD


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