Yesterday dinner cancel...
Pretty sad because one of the reason is to go there and eat free...hahaha (just joking)
Anyhow, Kit suddenly pop in to office to print out something...
She noticed that colleague shows "black face" after there's regular customer went in and do large photocopy.
No matter her "black face" towards any of us...
She has given people more bad impression...
She's not "busy"...perhaps she SHOULDN'T promise customer towards urgent jobs...
& seems they learnt one thing...NOT TO RELAY on me...
Due there's one pc hang at explorer and SUPER DUPER SLOW...
I alrdy knew it could be VIRUS error and software crash out...
Anyway...I choose not to help so tried to lie whatever I could LOL!
By then colleague called frenz to help...
Oh yeah GOOD !!I could stay hell way out of it where doing useless job by FOC all these time!!
Guess she learnt to think LEARN IT YOURSELF!!

Alright stop mentioned on that...
Kit ask me to dinner along & since I'm still free so I went to 1U with her...
Because she's helping kids to buy Halloween witches hat...
At the same time I think about wednesday party...
So I brought a simple opera mask for that...
Back to desa park city area to pick up the CAKE from a fren...
Homemade Lemonade Cheese Cake for Christine...
And continue to meet up Mark & Christine...
Kit tot Christine ain't coming because Mark alrdy on seat but haven seen her around...
Mark : I'm here to eat cake...
Kit : LOL!! hahaha...so you knew its regarding about the cake?
But I knew she would come because she's the one should receive the stuff...
just a bit slower and settling something in car...
(small other conversation continued)
Pretty good that they actually share some of the politic & opinion about "newspaper"
Well...same opinion with me, useless info where they din provided good facts but just "showing method"
So eventually we read on any the "info/heath/entertainment/technology/business/travel part"

What I want to said is..like Mark & Kit mentioned,
A story about a teenager post his last will that going to suicide...
4 of us had a same thought...At the end? He's dead or not? & close file/End of story...
If lets say he could FLY...or stop at the middle of suicide progress...that's the interesting stories...
He choose his way to suicide...so what's the big deal & special there?
The truth in newspaper could be biggest "lie"...
Christine thank me for the cake :D
Although it was one week late and no celebration but its still a gift and she appreciate that.

African client requested me to print books for her...
And so I could read it from pc OR short reading after print out.
Found out the "Discovering Your Life is Purpose" article pretty interesting...
Article is must pretty alike Rich Dad Poor Dad...
We get brainwashed to get a good job and pay rather than acknowledge our life purpose.
There's some quote pointed in there...
1. No one can be a free & great thinker who does not recognize that his or her first duty as a free & great thinker is to follow their own intellect or whatever conclusion it may lead to.
2. Do you think outside the box?
3. Those that desire to be free so as to create and express themselves, and those that desire to be slaves and help others express their creativity and remain free.
4. He/She that fails to plan has planned to fail!
5. Ask new question and you will learn new things!
6. The mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it's not open!

Same to what I heard from most of the leaders...
Read More, Listen More, See More, Observed More, Think More, Act More, Do More!

I read the official & unofficial story of...
TITANIC stories
9/11 Hijacked stories
San Jose Mercury Newspaper reporter Gary Webb exposed CIA "crack cocaine epidemic" at 1980's
Rev Jim Jones People's Temple

Tuesday...My job of the day in office is READING...LOL!

Monday Blue

戴着 7.1 virtual surround headset

* 哎哟!不需要讲了啦,讲那么多都没有用
* 现在有就有,没有就是没有
* 很烦叻
* 人家不还我钱怎么帮你(包括你自己)
*  倒不如干脆你跟你律师朋友借啦,反正你说他肯借




** 不会!因为我几乎天天都处于这种情况
** 倘若你天天给弟弟和其他事情气到想砍人!!会怎么样
** 我心里闷着的气,比山还高!



** 是吗?
** 真的这么神奇?
** 试问现今地球有多少人?
** 为何存在于地球50%的人依然得癌症?依然无助?

M 的客人, 2013日历设计
客人在 Mail 里还说 please design a fantastic one...
我当时就敲我的头额一下, 呆了几秒钟~
得做多点功课与 research 了
倘若他直接给我 idea 的话就好啦! >.<"


Today woke up pretty early...tot wanna order the mcd breakfast but think about the budget, give up.
End up eating at corner kopitiam and stupidly met people I din really wanted to sit with.
Auntie asked will I feeling stress while sitting with him...
I said totally no feeling but just uncomfortable.

He seems to be waiting people open up the door as well so he started asking some question :
1. you staying with family?grandma?brother?
* Brother (seems you've forgotten alrdy)
2. M still printing stuff?
* Yup (why are you asking this)
3. What kind of stuff he printed?
* Most of all business card (you lost your memory?)
4. Btw, what to do with sending a private msg on facebook
* I teach him by using "message" option
5. My ipad happen to be slow, is it possible to format it?
* I din know due I nvr had ipad before.
( Din really acknowledge the meaning of asking me these...But I din want to talk much, even I could help format his ipad but i didn't volunteer to do it)

In the office...bored~
Ttwo days ago, logo signage which actually required half day to traced " with colleague speed "
I done in an hour only once I get back from lunch and given the jobs and leave office sharp at 6 pm...boss still said to architect it only could be done by tml...But I done it in a split and doing other thing in the same time.
I got totally no mood today...especially "work"~ So I feel very impatient...

Ydy been to the preview.
Still ok but din really can concentrate due stomach feeling uncomfortable whole day.
And by the time preview start only get a few call... Before going to preview...called frenz who suppose to fetch me but due to line problem or any how.
6.10 pm...i decided to walked back home and see whether she's calling back or didn't.
6.30 She called back and I am actually on the way home so she get me half of my way and we move on to dinner because I know that there's non-dinner time in the preview.
MUST eat before we depart no matter later we will be late or not.
So after I told her what I really thought.
Her reaction was : "You....i dunno how to say you -.-"..."
At the same time actually we both have same though directly back home n rest LOL!!
Unbelievable her pocket leave only RM 3 she said...
So happen to I treat dinner,entry fee's, parking and even the toll...-_-"
I realize that she was very shy to get to know new face automatically on monday dinner.
I ask her to introduced herself to some of our partner but she still sitting there all the time...
And she honestly told me about that was her weaknesses as well.

She keep mumbling that I was too honest and always said thing = “一针见血” haha.
EG her explanation...I told her that you can just use 4 simple option to describe in 15 minute...why wasted an hour to described something that people couldn't understand? Bla Bla~
Then she : "You hor!~I found out sometimes talked to you will let you kek sei...But that's your nature attitude where motivated people surrounded you"
* I was just telling the truth and a better way to solve any problem.
I even asked C what favor of cake replacement she want...
Kit who stand beside showing me this face "-.-"" I know why....Because I asked too directly.
Then I requested kit to proceed it and once done just let me know the price and delivery to C or whatever.
C feel curious with another training I attended...So I explained to her the other stuff I'm involved in their team and pass her my business card by the very 1st time LOL.
She happen to curious about the placenta/company as well after some of my short explanation and actually its in mandarin so I couldn't invite them to come and listen about that anyway hahaha~
Anyhow its not something bad to share with...why I should afraid? My purpose is to HELP people who really needed it, so good to let more people know rather than kept it as a secret.
Somehow I am their advertising/designer so I had responsibility to joined them and recognized their team and get to learn more from them even I din happen to do the business.

Dinner again

Been into a very good n rare sleep last night.

So feel pretty energetic today.
But what's the weird is, today sweated more than usual.
After reach office from house in the morning...I can feel my whole back shirt  alrdy wet and my neck is still sweating non-stop...
The time I walked back to office after lunch...Same condition
The time I walked back home...Whole shirt seems wet
But I am rushing out for a dinner...
So I simply bath and wear back the same clothes and took my formal jackets due I knew that place kinda cold...
At the same time, due I am the perfect team designer so I really should wear formal for better impression so that everybody knows I am also one of them.
Dinner is good...when the time kit is still wondering can she take away the dinner back home, directly I said just ask the waiter to do it and bring back home...Why are you still afraid of people's talked?
The rest of food would end up into dustbin anyway so why not just bring it back if you agreed to?
So one of our partner asked the waiter to do so because she seems afraid / pai seh to speak.
Very not bad but just there's lack of speech/ presentation by vincent, he could be even better by some other time I guess...
Get to know who is Madam Tai who they address her teacher of the team...
And I just found out the unbalance of the roll-up banner artwork due I really can't see there is actually some other toning inside the white color background @@"
We can't change anyway, but so far it is ok if people view from behind...

Another banner need to be done ASAP.
Frenz catalogue brochures.
Kit holiday programme.
Clients business card.

Tml preview.
Wednesday training.
Thursday preview again?
Friday training also?
Saturday creative workshop.
Sunday raven bro birthday.

OMG my schedule...apparently announced = FULL

Kit discussed something with me...
With her complicated and formal explanation.
I mentioned and asked correctly again before I leave her car.
Conclusion was that IT WAS ACTUALLY THAT SIMPLE.
So I wonder why she need to explain a whole big round which confused people.
And she din even realize the explanation gone wrongly too.
Actually she can just explained by this way.
1. What she need & amount
2. When she need, return & deadline
3. Why she need
4. Where it to be used
5. What is the 2nd suggestion

It was just that simple....
but she explain around 1 hour at then I still misunderstood the whole concept -.-"
15 min could be used for the heart of discussion but 1 hour of misconception.


Recently been to some dinner
No matter its regarding about opp or nop i still been into some sort.of dinner.
Friday been pull out from zoe for attending a training section and we had futher supper afterward.
I was really been list in the perfect team n incharge with advertising department.
ok well its a good point of view at least i was part of them even i didn't have good performances in their main company.
Ok then actually kit ask me to go ouy today but she forgotten again.
At the same time been inform that today had family dinner.
I am still wondering where is thr destination due youngest bro given the wrong name which i really knew.
We tot we are late but group ood to reach there earlier 30min. Why do we have to rush ourself -_-
Ok them after some section I've been sitting there n keep quiet.
Afterward i pass my namecard to my my relatives,she seems shock to see I've list so many work there n show up to my dad which i nvr let them knew what i am doing.
My dad smile deep in his heart, pretty glad i work so hard even though i din earn much.
And their reaction was like usual...
Questioned...u involve in everything???
I honestly replied, yes i did...by helping people to solve their problem.
My dad still advice me to get the car lesen...i know,but that's not what i willing to follow and plan...i actually hv my own plan n decision.
Do i really drank a lot?ya, actually i am planning to open another new more for myself but it seems they are going to leave...
ME,5 cup full without ice...consider the most around my table..basically they put ice to fill it up full but i didn't.even my youngest bro do drank 2-3 cup which filled with ice...
While my mum keep stoping me to have so much...but,
Do you think it really make me drunk by just few pure cup?
Perhaps they really didn't know/recognize the real me due we aren't live together for a long time.
there's another opp dinner for tml...

does any of you really see how drunk i was?But i believe i LOVE to talked if i was 50%drunk condition hahaha...
What if i really drunk?i dun really know....



由于得等待时间的流逝7.30见 M.
然后就 我看到M的车 (他的车真的很容易认,由于本人时不时也会留意是不是他的车经过,更何况那范围里停车场他的最大架 -.-")
身为member不是应该member price吗?她开始时傻傻相信旧老板。
由于旧老板买货,一直都被他骗以customer price订货!?还依然不知道??因为没收到catalogue吗?后来朋友说才发现。
2nd round...3rd round...4th round -.-""

有什么好笑? 我倒没怎么觉得 -.-"
看到我的卡片,又是很惊讶地说。。。你的正职是什么?还有 etc's!?
然后去menjalara mamak吃了 roti canai + teh ais...
继续到 kepong baru mamak 吃炸鸡+ teh o ais limau...

(虽然那次旅行我不是领袖, 但是我看到了该怎么做,但是那时的领袖她承受不到自己犯的错一直在自责,一直到回到KL都还在那么自责。她应该做的是先解决当前问题,鼓励我们勇于面对然后用于诚恳跟所有人道歉。可是当时她却把所有人的士气都打沉了,还得我们来解决难题?)



林峯 - 幼稚完

主唱 : 林峰










近況好嗎 每天忙碌嗎






omg the lyrics is so meaningful...another of brilliant song~


Started headache...
Due not enough of sleep...
Raining after reach office!? YOOORRRR!!!!??
Almost late today due sleep too well until forgotten the alarms...
Been to salon later & back to sleep!
Continue finish those work & relax tml.
4-5 stuff finished this morning...
Books arrangement finished within 2 days...
What to do next!? Dunno...
While she's been doing the menu for...........2 weeks!?
Very well done...
As if M stuff been delay for over 3 days...
You'll get fired...
Wonder how you do the stuff eventually...
Being detail is good but hell...TOO SLOW!

Am I going out today?
Ugghh dunno yet...
While need to remind myself to ask C for dinner treat~


What to write?
Din really know...
Because there's nth special happen around these day.

Bought original sony wireless headset.
Fall in love with that stuff and not to take off one putting it on.
7.1 Virtual Surround + bass impact + thrill
Specialize for Sony Play Station such as Ps3, Vita and so forth.
I used to listen to music via pc....
The feeling.....Super Awesome!
No outside noise could be reached what you hearing.
And no sound could be heard from outside too.
Mode Switching: Game, Music, Movie, Shooting, Racing, Fighting
VSS,  even Mic included which hide aside of the headset haha.

So now I dun have to relay on the evo 8 which my brother took it as for his own.
I got another of mine which you guys wont going to cause any noise interruption what I am doing while I need concentration.

Cost? It's better than you grab any Mr. Beat headset which around 1k...
Enjoying it every night no matter while gaming, music, movie, tv or ETC along freelancing.
Brothers love it too but I'm not going to lend to you guys when I'm not around which never help along on the budget but by just using it. SO, Stay out off it!

Will she join on sat?which I'm planning to have some small short celebration?
Still awaiting her reply...perhaps she's forgotten to reply me due too busy on work -.-"
Still thinking what cake to buy due we doesn't like cake too haha!

Anyway, there's some freelancing work to do,
Gonna finish it off and RELAX!

Classy morning

Classic morning,
Woke up earlier than alarm.
Dun even know why because in deep I am actually still not getting enough of sleep.
A bit energetic than always due had a cup of protein before sleep.

Walk to office while listening to the CORE again.
Been in the office...Weird thing happen
The QS was angry about document always lost due somebody took from her table without note her.
Guess what she did, she throw some of the paper from her table. O_O
Normally she's pretty scary if scolding people but now acting like that way (none of my business)
While colleague is trying to cold her down by : got anything please discuss wisely, don't do like that.
** Hmm, well it doesn't work for everybody... ( well, that's not going to work to me also )
** They have their own way of releasing madness... ( should have to analysis their personalities )
** As if for me, I think if volcano blast it could be the end of world. ( you are in serious trouble )

Sometimes you just have to let them that way otherwise it couldn't be solved but creating bigger madness.

Guess what, I'm not feeling uncomfortable but oppositely happy because seems she help me release some of my anger & I'm gonna be way more dangerous if she was me LOL!
It could be tired day again & hang out whole day.
I'll decided to hide at home tml and rest...

Angel & Demon

Its been awhile I've stop written anything these day.
Because there's only busy busy and busy.
Not enough sleep and busy with games.
Basically percentages of going work dropped below 20%
I dun even think of wan to go to work.
Din ever wan to bother anything about them and dun willing to help them any longer.
My muscle become even stronger and tougher!
Why so hard?
Nothing special, perhaps try to achieve a better body shape goal, stronger body & muscle.
And in deep of my heart I wan to be strong, not to be defeated easily & not letting people think I am weak.
Is it that hard?

30 min per day : exercising yourself at home
15 min : reading books
15 -20 min : listening to CORE (otw to office & home)
1 hour : walk to office and home

You just have to focus simply 1 hour.
Sometimes I complete these all activities in the same time...

Making excuses, habit of human.
What's your excuses?

This morning,
I went into a shop to buy a mineral water.
There's one indian boy ages around 24-26.
Talking to indian gal who working at counter.
That guy curious and tried to talk to me.
He questioned my ages and gender.

* You are a she or he? *
: You think? haha...a She la
* But your sound & voice like guy *
: That's how my voice sounds like since birth, what can i do with it?
* Silent for a few second, don't get angry what I said, you even look like a guy too*
: Haha, get used to it to those word since long time ago...It's ok
* Btw, What's your ages? *
: <> 12!~
* Don't cheat me la *
: <> hahaha....

Kit call me out to dinner & discuss further about her holiday programme.
After what I suggested, she's thinking to look for another short-term silent partner.
Regain after 2 month along with how much you sponsor.
Actually a fren of mine pretty interested but seems might be harshly even for me.
Perhaps I will sponsor just a half or perhaps next year...depends on recent cash flow.
1k sponsorship = RM 10 per head : around 2k in regain (might be even more if student she may get)
Hey not bad...But mine alrdy regain per month... never excepted that much before but after her calculation.
O_O...this small amount is definitely valuable than you work as employee.
If i got more enough extra budget I think i will eat all n gain all of it hahaha. (in future ba)

And guess what... I would like to share this to brother but he seems not to believe it.
Cannot blame him because he is comfortable on a safe journey to earn his money which = no money.
But I am alrdy giving up banking all the money in bank & invest further separately.
So I am trying to jump out the comfort zone once I see the "chances"
And hey please understand that...Which business doesn't required a started budget?
No matter is small or huge...still related to the money.
If I wanted to cheated people, I would cheat 100k instead of just1k la brother...
She's still owning me the 1k anyway & hard to pull out at the moment,
Why not just put it as a long term free money investment rather than putting in a stupid bank with low benefits.
You thought I am playing 10k - 50k? too bad I doesn't have that money anyway hahaha.
But way better than playing Forex because I dun ever know how to run that & even more risky anyway.
What I need to do is just tracking her every month n then get "free extra money every month"
Doesn't it sounds good? But not many people would choose to believe.
At least, my brother choose not to believe in me...
Well, OK then, you'll continue your path & i'll move on mine.

& then inside office they mentioned software problem.
The admin of other department questioned why couldn't get in Google and gmail.
She call colleague to help. GOOD decision making because I will not help.
& then another 1 just came in then questioned software installation of Microsoft & even auto-cad
Boss said the CDs belongs to me...
Well, I will still answered I din have it due borrowed to somebody else.
But it is actually in my house...

I could be superficially selfish.
when things turned 360 around.
& think lots of excuses or even reason to cheat/handling anybody when I'm willing to.
Just a step between Angel & Demon.


There is no longer peace in heart.
If pretend dun know and understand.
There is only the opposite left.

Dun ever challenge the lion.
You doesn't have nine life as cat.
You will only seen bunch of dusk.
Nothing left,

But lion still moving forward,
Search for their homeland.
With or without you.

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