A very interesting & less of Q & A for myself today.

I put 31st unconsciously on the artwork.
When the time going to output today I'm thinking...
It should be 31th? or 31st?
every word 1 as last should put "st"
2 = " nd"
3 = "rd"
while the rest is "th"

Did you notice that?

I really had a very wonderful weekend with WLS!
Speaker from south africa/australia "basil"

This game is like an on9 game.
You play the game as a beginner,
Non-stop leveling until the top level.
Once you dead, you reset again OR revive at the place where you begin.
Finally made up my mind.
I wanted to changed & decided my own life too.

I'm inspired by the word basil said.
"Dun quite the game; if you quit the game, you nvr have chances; you stay in the game, you always have chances you nvr ever know about it someday"
"There is no wrong decision, There is only decision for solution."
"They said they know "ALLLLLLLL~~" about it /this business but even the founder didn't even know "ALL" about it"
"Doesn't have to explain long enough to those who trying to hold your back about this; just telling them n said it was AMAZING as only we know how great it was"

Do you know & plan what you actually done?
What you done is for yourself or actually toward other ppl?
Have you calculate how many time you left & how many time you wasted?
What you really want?

But how many ppl realize about that & still running in circles of life?
I dun wan to follow their path!!~

How many ppl truly understand my reason of doing this?
How often do you see my laugh?
I feel relax & happy during WLS.

Guess what, my reading speed & English improved rapidly.
I can't believe it I am actually be able to catch up everything speaks on stage by international speakers alrdy.
And the time consuming of reading english books.

I send my regards to someone who long time I din met with.
A very short conversation.
Me: is your number changed? or still the same as previous?
Him: Yea, still the same.
Me: can you write your numbers here just in case mine was wrong.
Me: Tq
(Conversation continued because I would like to know how is he doing lately)
Me: How are ya doing lately?
Him:Still the same, nothing special, been to work, after work n been to work. boring / sienz
(Aww man...he hasn't changed a bit. still being so negative, He nvr realize why he always being rejected)
just 1 word to describe...sad

M sends my regards towards a frenz...
He ask how was him doing lately & he is actually waiting for his open ceremony!?
Waw!? it sounds a pretty good news to me but sad to tell he hasn't climb up the staircase yet because of some matters.

ytdy WLS really enjoyable...
the speaker from australia / south africa (basil) was amazing & funny.
Get some new lesson of stories from them.
While kinda annoyed waiting almost 2 hours sat at mamak...since got C along, still ok la. otherwise I'll walk to jusco nearby n get starbucks again + reading again to spend my time haha~
Hope to had 2nd enjoyable day tonite again...
I've kinda fall in love with WLS =)

I was noted by her own personality but never ever noticed she's actually love to report every single little story.
Even I wasn't in the scenario but I do felt kinda annoyed because why such little small thing u also have to report?
Issit really a necessarily? **SPEECHLESS**

How many comment of tthem alrdy from client about her personalities? "not the cases I mentioned here."
And the other hand of the way they doing things was like "business ain't that important"

I just unlike half of her personalities which being too stone age minded.
She believes in god very much and so she was super honest & follow orders.
She tread client is just client.

What I always do is "opened one eye closed one eye"
They dun wan the business...I carried on myself if possible.
This is 1 of the practices I gained my own client's trust.
Most of the time I made/tread client/boss become friends of mine in life.

Drawn something even new these 2 day_Construction drawing
Kinda challenging because I know nothing at the beginning but after some guidance's I've done such drawing for 2nd try out.

Movie?Friday? Answer is "NO"
Saturday? After work? or Nite? Answer is still "NO"
Sunday? Sry answer is after 3pm
Because Friday, I will be at WLS from 4.00-11.00 pm.
As for saturday, once after work I'll be going for WLS again from 4.00-10.30 pm.
Same as sunday, I will be going WLS too from 8.00am - 3.00 pm.
Not sure if there is extra hang out with M & C on sunday.

Moving on with new client brochures / catalog design.Possibly template sample needed by this week?!
Here comes a busy / full week.

another red boom...
Din get specially invited so a bit disappointed...
But on the other hand...no need to gave out the red boom...happy
Mood described : COMPLICATED

After seeing the changes profile, "did I see wrongly!? huh?ohh!!~
dun know why but just feeling great & thanks for trusting me to put me right in your team as well
Sad because there's more stuff to do n to get prepared on this.
Curious + Excited+Nervous because of seeing the changes automatically by team.
I promise I will not giving up as you trusted in me.
Because you carried the responsibility the performances & attitude of team.

There's some design work to do...
Unhappy + Lazy because of no payment at all...its just my group will &requirement.
Excited + happy because I'm getting many idea but dun know how to merge with my imagination design somehow its for special purpose in our group secretly.

Very excited & hope to hv my ghost recon future soldier ps3 blueray this week!
Too sad with no more stock of silent hill downpour so should wait for next batch which 2 or 1 month later...

Awww..here comes~
Another COMPLICATED mood...

(Am I instantly insane?) XD

Tired condition reappear...
due to nasal bridge pressure blood jumping seems reappear again today...
Because of mentally & physical tiredness,
Pressure, Mind over usage /storage 2gather with not getting enough sleep...
awww...just get back from trip since april, so fast get such condition again.

精神緊張 / 疲勞 / 精神緊張 / 肌肉萎縮 / 缺乏睡眠 / 血脈撕裂 / 神經血脈出問題

Guess I need to, REST / RELAX again...
Next week WLS...
June 11 Singapore & June 23 Fraser Hill...
August trip
Sep WLS again...
(there's some unknown trip requested by fren as well)

Seems many bad comment due the new series of remake hunter x hunter 2011 animation...
But as for me...
Quality improved, Artwork improved, Color improved, Action & Sound improved.
Perhaps its not as detail as the previous series but actually they are fast forward the stories?
What most anime fans hope is they may continue the episode after the 1st series...Either me as well.
But overall, kinda not bad for new series of this because you wont felt 100% same thing in scene.
There's many cut & added element in there you may find out carefully.

How many effort n time they need to spend on remaking this..
I can tell you they can just use back the old episode, doesn't hv to remake so many new stuff in it anyway.
You can't really compare the differences because you didn't even notice what's the biggest differences in there.
You think that its easy to change a little element in a scene? I could told you it is actually very difficult...
What they are doing is not enjoying the new series but just comparing.

They still manage to attracted my attention for chasing the episode...
There's many new anime release but hardly to get my attention for watching 1 or 2 episode...
I assume they've done a great job for this.

"If you couldn't create /make a movie n anime such this" shut your mouth, just watch & support...
otherwise you show me YOUR anime...what i want is the exact hunter x hunter remake such this by YOURSELF.

The best dream I ever had...
Perhaps I wish that could happen someday...
Wish to sleep even longer but times up...

Hope to had such nice dream again...

Loyal dog!?
loyal dog always follows order n command, they never break the rules because
No 1 they afraid of losing something
No 3 they will just follow every single thing people said
No 4 they will not change rules n regulation even they know its wrong
No 5 they will never ever break the rules

What I think about them is...very stupid species.
Why I say so?
You may try to negotiate with a loyal dog n keep ask them to do something special.
They will always said : I can't do it because of ..... / This is ...rules ...I'm afraid...

I dislike to talk with such people especially business matters or even negotiation.
Because their head was dead n not spinning at all. It will just causing eternal argument.
They spin their tail in-front their host but most of the time they had 2 different faces.
They are good because of loyal & honest. Most of the time they are a eternal servant & follower.

What they gain was loyalty to somebody but on the other side their lost was actually bigger than they thought.
Act like a brilliant follower to be a leader.
Not to be an eternal servant surround with eternal command.

Character "A" n "B"

One day, "B" heard "A" was talking...n actually "A" saw "B" was just right in front of him.
"A" often asked "B" to help to do some small stuff, n even "B" was busy around but he/she nvr rejected.
But "B" heard "A" talking to "C"...which not suppose to let "B" know/heard because that's "B" limitation.
C was doing something which very simple n easy even kids know how to do n just need 5 minit.
But the situation turns like this...
A saw C doing that stuff so he spoke : 
Haiyo, you doesn't have to do this...just ask other ppl do.
(Continue after a breath) Ask "B" to do it la.

After "B" heard about this...B was very angry in his/her heart because he/she knew that this was just a simple little thing...why is it can't do it by herself but requested him/her to do it!? What's the big deal!?
"A" treated "B" like servant!?
while in law "A" has power to request "B" to do things.
As always, "A" should be careful with what he spoke n does because "A" was boss.
& in such condition, "A" spoke wrongly n act like 1 of the horrible bosses.
Usually if C or A ask from help.B would volunteer him/herself to do so without any single word.
But "A" doesn't know "B" was actually sensitive & revengeful & also his/her limitation.
"B" always listen n pay attention with everyone around him/her so he/she actually know how was "A".
"B" was actually under "D"

Everyone's had their limitation, they may accept certain wording / speaking / humor by ignored it...but sometimes they are just hiding aside their heart but they are actually very angry n sad.

From this kind of situation, "A" loses all the respect & loyalty from "B"
Because "B" will never ever forget about this due what "A" done is over his/her limitation.

Please respect n think before you speak.
Get to know people around you carefully with their thought so that you may not act like a stupid fella.
You can ruin your trust n loyalty very easily just like upside by 1 single word.
But you can't / hard to gain back other ppl trust on you.

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